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Your Food, Your Choice: Grounds for Change

How can we make the best choices?  This conference, presented in association with The Big Carrot, was an inspiration on how the organic sector perseveres in producing the healthiest, safest food possible and the challenges [...]

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Growing For Nourishment and Nourishing the Future

If you care about - the foods you eat - how visionary farmers grow quality food - the larger benefits of being organic then this conference is for you! Times are changing and the momentum [...]

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Visionary Farmers and Consumers

COG Toronto hosts Visionary Farmers / Visionary Consumers with keynote speaker, Helge Hellberg.  See the Conference Program for information. Keynote Helge Hellberg Here are videos of presentations made at the conference. Paula Sobie, [...]

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Growing Up Organic

It's come and gone but there are still many resources being made available through the conference website:  Find audio streams of speakers and discussions, as well as power point presentations:  here 

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