Ways to Volunteer

The Toronto Chapter of COG exists thanks to the volunteer efforts of our members. All our activities are initiated, planned, promoted and run by volunteers. Our on-going activities consist of 6-8 events during the course of a year which can be workshops, lectures, visits and tours. We also attend a number of trade shows, like Total Health and Whole Life Expo, to promote organic food and agriculture. In addition, we have ad hoc projects, such as an organic conference, an organic directory for Toronto, and the Off Our Plates! campaign. We are always open to new initiatives. If you are passionate about something in the organic sector, and have an idea you’d like to see made real, we’d love to hear from you!

Here are some areas you can make a difference either in whole or in part.  At the same time you will learn more about the food system, build lasting friendships and gain invaluable skill experience.  Best of all, you often get to taste some of the most fabulous, tantalizing organic food around!  How could you go wrong with that?

Send any questions or comments to torontochapter@cog.ca.

1) Promotion, PR and Outreach

  • attendance at trade shows (e.g. Total Health, Whole Life Expo, Home Show)
  • attendance at corporate events (e.g. BMO, Hewlit Packard, Rogers Eco Days)
  • attendance at public events (e.g.farmers markets and summer festivals)
  • production of brochures and other information on organic
  • development of other avenues for promoting COG and COG’s activities, such as articles, advertisements, PSA’s
  • utilizing the web and Internet to promote events, advocate and spread information (this includes social networking/social media sites)

2) Fundraising

  • identifying sources of funding
  • writing grant proposals
  • developing and implementing fundraising events
  • building cross promotional relationships (such as with our friends at Cocoa Camino)

3) Volunteer Coordination

  • This is the most important part of any organization.
  • keeping a roster of volunteers, their interests and skills
  • coordinating volunteers at events
  • this position is looking for someone with people skills and a knack for management (one, both) – or you can learn as you go

4) Membership

  • Database
  • Building and maintaining relationships with members
  • Work closely with communications, fundraising and outreach

5) E-Bulletin

  • Runs about twice a month.
  • Has upcoming COG events.
  • Has upcoming food related events.
  • Job and volunteer opportunities (that aren’t on this site)
  • It’s for both members and non-members who have signed up.

6) Newsletter

  • writing articles and stories for our quarterly newsletter
  • writing content for our website

7) Graphic Design

  • development of display material
  • development of advertising
  • development of handout material (fliers, brochures, cards)
  • 8)Website
  • ongoing development and updates for our existing website
  • new ways to do outreach online through social media (anyone feel like blogging?)

9) Events Coordination

  • setting up a schedule of events for members and non-members (e.g. lectures, panel discussions, films, farm tours)
  • contacting speakers and necessary people
  • booking venue
  • working with promotions to advertise events