The conference was presented in association with The Big Carrot Natural Food Market.  Our sponsors included Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), Pfennings Organic and Nature’s Path Organic, as well as our media sponsors, Vitality and NOW.   We are truly grateful for their support.

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Keynote: Deborah Koons Garcia

The keynote address was given by Deborah Koons Garcia, the documentary film maker of The Future of Food and Symphony of the Soil, her most recent documentary which we had the privilege of screening the Friday before our conference.  There followed nine breakout sessions covering a range of topics from farming to health to education and more.  A description of the panels and topics are available in the Conference Agenda.  The biographies of speakers and moderators are found in Conference Speakers.

We were especially excited to have Gilles-Eric Séralini speaking at our conference.  Just a few months previously in September 2012, the results of two years of research by a team led by Mr Séralini were published in the Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal.  His study, which showed tumours and other adverse health effects in rats and raised concern about the safety of the genetic engineering of food was not without a great deal of controversy.  Mr. Séralini was in great demand because of this, and we were fortunate that he was able to come to our conference.

With an organic buffet lunch, a special presentation to Tomás Nimmo, our 2013 Organic Pioneer Award winner, and exhibitors providing organic products and services, it was a full day of information and inspiration.

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Gilles-Eric Séralini hugs Rachel Parent, 13-year old anti-GMO activist

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Speaker Gilles-Eric Séralini acknowledges standing ovation

We are happy to make available some of the presentations from our conference.  We thank the dedicated presenters for sharing their work and their passion for fostering health, ours and that of the environment.

Dr. Michelle Perro

Healing with Organic: a Pediatrician’s Perspective and Practices
Powerpoint presentation:  The State of Our Children’s Health